Monday, November 2, 2015

Avid Will Provide a Free Media Composer Version to Help the Video Editors

Some of the leading news source announced that Avid will provide some free features along with the media composer to help the video editors. This free feature will be called as Media Composer First (MCF). Though this light option will not give advanced utilizing capacity, but will surely help the editors with making comparison like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. After getting used to this free composer, one can buy the full version if he wants to work in advanced editing.

There are some differences with the two version of Avid. According to Bryant Frazer:

For one thing, users of the free version will be allowed to save only a limited number of projects, and those projects must be saved to the cloud rather than local hard drives.

But the lighter load of features doesn’t mean the NLE is lacking some important options. There are still plenty of great tools and functionality available with the version to edit quality videos. Rather, with MCF, Aid’s actually giving opportunity to taste the software in free to get newer users hooked on the possibilities of Media Composer.

According to Best Video Editing Software website, Avid has been selected as one of the major software in the house of video editing. The software just need to build some simple tutorial to attract more customers. However, with the free composer and new looks of AVID, it is becoming more popular for the newbies. 

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